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The Dangers of Over-Wetting Your Carpet

Dangers Of Over Wetting Capet BoiseCarpet cleaning: we’ve all gotten one in our homes at some point, and they do a lot to help your household regain some of that brand new feel when you first moved in. For smaller-scale cleanings, doing it yourself may be an attractive alternative instead of hiring a professional cleaner. But when cleaning your own carpets, be aware of some common downfalls that can not only cause dirt to come back with a vengeance but potentially damage your carpet or even attract mold or mildew.

One of the most common problems when cleaning carpets is the tendency to use too much shampoo. This is perfectly understandable; when carpets go too long without cleaning, they become dirty and unsightly, and the first inclination will be to throw as much detergent on as possible to get the stains out faster. But this can lead to residue building up in the carpet, and the sticky, soapy film that lingers behind will end up attracting even more dirt than before.

Over-wetting is also a possible issue during carpet cleaning, and may be a result of over-shampooing. With all the soap in the carpet, you may end up trying to rinse all of it out by applying a lot of water. However, water that soaks into the bottom of the carpet can cause a multitude of problems. The backing material in the carpet may get discolored if too wet, and some carpets can shrink, resulting in torn carpet on the floor. Additionally, the backing and pad are difficult to dry normally and may develop mold or mildew if the moisture lingers for too long.

Many of these problems are not only inconvenient, but can result in health hazards or costly repairs. Mold is never a good thing, especially when it’s as up close and personal as inside your carpet, and any type of discoloration or tear in the carpet will usually result in the entire carpet needing to be replaced. Depending on the extent of the damage, restoration can range from inconvenient and somewhat pricey to downright expensive. Either way, improper cleaning is a costly mistake that you should be careful of before trying to take things into your own hands.

Low-moisture carpet cleaning
is a method developed specifically to address these problems, combining the strengths of hot water cleaning (thorough and effective) along with water in low quantities so as to not cause potential saturation of the carpet. With low-moisture cleaning, you not only receive a professional carpet cleaning job that will be done efficiently while avoiding the problems you may run into, but you can rest assured that any potential over-wetting issues will not happen as well.

At Kaufman’s Carpet Clean, we specialize in low-moisture carpet cleaning that has a drying time of only one or two hours at most. Combined with our experience in the industry, we are your go-to choice for carpet cleaning in the Boise area. Give us a call anytime at 208-887-1681 for a free estimate!

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