Nampa Carpet Cleaning recommends HEPA Vacuum Cleaners!

en1822If “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” vacuuming every day with a good vacuum will definitely keep your carpet cleaner away!  The BEST way to keep your carpet clean is to vacuum at least once per week.  If you have allergies, pets or small children, every other day is recommended!

But what’s the best vacuum? How do I choose? With so many on the market, I know it can be a pretty hard choice! We truly recommend only using a HEPA filter vacuum. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. These vacuums have become highly desirable, so there are SEVERAL on the market. Here are some guidelines on what to look for:

Check for certification using the EN1822 standard.  This is a European standard and is the most stringent in certifications!
If the EN1822 isn’t notable, make sure the manufacturer at least makes a HEPA claim and states the filtration efficiency and particle size retained (this should be 99.97% and/or capturing particles as small as 0.3 micrometers). Anything less than this is may be a “good” filtration system, but doesn’t meet HEPA standards.
Make sure the manufacturer notes some sort of “sealing” system. In order for for a good filtration system to work, it must be sealed VERY well. Most manufacturers will make note of their sealing system.

Even though HEPA vacuums are best for allergy sufferers, having the BEST filtration system on your vacuum only ensures that the dust particles don’t return to your air, thus falling back on the floor! If you are looking for a healthy carpet cleaning company in Nampa then we are the company for you.

Happy and healthy cleaning to you all!

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