Pet Stain Removal in Boise ID call 208-887-1681

Pet stain removal in Boise

Pet stain removal in Boise ID

If you need pet stain removal in Boise, ID make sure you contact Kaufman’s Carpet Clean at 208-887-1681 first. You can be sure you will be working with a Grade “A” Carpet Cleaning Company in the local area of Boise Idaho!

Whether you have dogs, cats or any other type of family pet, count on our team of Boise Carpet Cleaners to get the smell and yellow staining out.

We only use Earth friendly products that are safe for the environment and your household pet. No matter how permanent the pet stain may look, you can be sure we can get it out. Never use oxi, resolve, or natures miracle on any pet stains. These over the counter chemicals can set the stain and make it very difficult for a professional carpet cleaner to get out!

We know owning a family pet is a lot of work and that’s why when you have a pet stain you need removed from your carpet you can always count on Kaufman’s Carpet Clean at 208-887-1681 to be there when you need us!

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