Area Rug Cleaning Meridian and Area Rug Cleaning Boise Idaho

If you have concerns about cleaning your area rugs, your best option is to have them done professionally by a trusted and experienced company like Kaufman’s Carpet Clean. We offer high end area rug cleaning to Meridian and area rug cleaning Boise Idaho.

When you engage the services of Kaufman’s Carpet Clean, you can be assured that your rugs will be thoroughly and professionally cleaned and sanitized. Furthermore, we know that there has been much discussion of late about harmful chemicals and carcinogens that many chemical rug cleaners leave on your carpets. We also know that many companies spout about their “green” products when analysis proves that not to be true. Kaufman’s Carpet Clean will guarantee that our products are truly environmentally safe for you, all family members and pets.

Before we begin your job, we will give your area rugs a complete evaluation. When we show up for our appointment, we check out and determine what affect, if any, our process will have on your heavily stained or high traffic areas. At that point we can provide you with an accurate quote for our services. As a family owned company, we have been involved in the rug care business for over a decade and we know your concerns.

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