Kaufman’s Carpet Cleaning Meridian Idaho takes pride in the environment and health of it’s clients. Harmful toxins can wear carpet fibers down, which will make you have to replace your carpeting faster. Our cleaning agent is non-soapy without the toxins that are harmful to your families health. Read below to see how our cleaning products allow you to live a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Letter from the EPA regarding our cleaning products:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment (DfE) Program has reviewed the ingredients in your Soils & Oils carpet cleaning formula. The ingredients in Soils & Oils have a more positive environmental and health profile than those in conventional carpet cleaning products. The DfE program applauds your environmental leadership in developing Soils & Oils and recognizes the contribution this product can make in helping to protect human health and the environment.

Of note, Soils & Oils contains none of the chemicals found in conventional carpet cleaners, which raise multiple health and environmental concerns; for example: ethylene glycol ethers (health concerns, including blood, central nervous system, liver and kidney effects); citrus terpenes (potential skin sensitivity and aquatic toxicity); and phosphates (oxygen depletion of aquatic environments with adverse effects to aquatic life).

DfE commends your environmental awareness and the initiative you have shown in working to make your part of the planet a safer and healthier place. Thank you for your efforts. We wish you much success with Soils & Oils.

David Di Fiore Design for the Environment