Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When you think about all of the shoes that have tramped on your carpet over time it is inevitable that they start to look dark and dingy. Whether your business in in an office, restaurant or even a retail store, commercial carpets take a beating. Kaufman’s Carpet Clean offers commercial carpet cleaning services to Meridian, commercial carpet cleaning Boise, Eagle and the surrounding areas.

There is ground in dirt, coffee stains, food stains, and even grease stains on your carpet that have accumulated over several months. You have tried your best with a vacuum cleaner and even had rented one of those carpet cleaners from the supermarket.

What our customers like most about our cleaning process is that it is extremely fast drying. We don’t want to inconvenience you and your family for any length of time, so we strive to not disrupt your household for long. Our application process requires less than two hours for your rugs to dry.

That means that we are in and out in a flash, and things can quickly return to normal around your place of business. Call us for an appointment and to discuss any other concerns.

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