Tile Cleaning Meridian and Tile Cleaning Boise

We are proud to offer tile cleaning to Meridian and tile cleaning Boise areas. Floor tile is put through a lot of abuse. Regular traffic moves across it everyday. While the tile themselves are easy to clean, the grout lines can be next to impossible to clean. You could spend hours scrubbing those tiny lines with a toothbrush, only to find that they are still dirty. However, our professional floor tile and grout cleaning service can restore the grout, making it look clean, fresh and inviting.

The service is fast and easy. All you have to do is schedule an appointment and Kaufman’s Tile Cleaning Meridian will come out and take care of the grout lines for you. We will use industrial equipment with professional grade cleaners, effectively removing stains from the grout and leaving the entire floor looking like new. Our cleaning solutions are designed to penetrate the grout lines, cleaning even stains that are set deep in the grout. Our superior extraction system will remove the cleaner along with the dirt, leaving your grout looking clean and fantastic.

Once the grout and tiles are cleaned, we can easily seal the grout. Sealing the floor with a special solution will prevent stains from setting in and ensure that the floor is easy to clean. It also prevents permanent staining that can preserve the value of your home for years to come.

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